Enter the Harrowing

A Side Quest of Planar Proportions

The hill giants surrendered to us and Citender told us that the town was with us.

Loot from the fort and the baroness:

  • +2 defending longsword (18,315 gp)
  • 3 mwk throwing axes (308 gp each)
  • +3 breastplate (Hawk, sell his +2 breastplate: 4,350 gp)
  • +4 belt of physical might (CON, STR) (Larken, sell his +4 STR belt: 16,000 gp)
  • rod of splendor (Liliana, sell her pink and green sphere ioun stone: 8000 gp)
  • +2 cloak of resistance (4,000 gp)
  • stone of alarm (2,700 gp)
  • diamond crown (1500 gp)
  • diamond necklace (500 gp)
  • Jewel, the annoying dog
  • royal outfit (300 gp)
  • sapphire earrings (400 gp)

THe historian Meloigne Garracy told us that he saw the armies of Armag on the march. He’s gone to the Umbra Carnival, a circus that is visiting the town, to see the All-Seeing Hajeck. Hajeck used to be seen as a charlatan, but she has gained powers after inheriting a magical item. We went to see Hajeck the next day.

Hajeck told us about the Library of Sonnorai, a place of knowledge and riches. Garracy wanted to go there. A bard from the Age of Darkness feared that her knowledge would die with her, so she formed a demiplane from the Plane of Dreams and stored her knowledge there. Hajeck offers to send us there to look for Garracy. There is a tapestry in the Library that will allow us to return to the Material Plane. She went under a strange compulsion, and said “Zassrion is at it again.” Zassrion is an ancient blue dragon and the lord of the Library. He was once a story in the mind of Sonnorai and he wants to gather souls to gain power, so he makes the possessor of Sonnorai’s harrow deck try to gather souls for him. Hajeck set her harrow deck down and a swirling portal appeared. We agreed to enter the portal, and Tal took the deck since Hajeck told us that situations in the demiplane would be reflected in the cards.

  • The Deck of Harrowed Tales (Tal)

On the other side of the portal, we appeared in a different, disused circus with slow organ music. A tinker was surounded by tengu who were being him. He called out “Help Biyo!” We came to his assistance.


  • 6 chain shirt (100 gp each)
  • 6 mwk short swords (310 gp each)
  • 18 mwk daggers (2 to Hawk, sell other 16: 302 gp each and Hawk’s old 2 daggers: 2 gp each)

The tinker, Biyo Venna, was cooking dinner for his master, Zastrion, in the kitchen of the Striding Fortress. He told us that we will need the sacred tokens of the conspirators to gain access to the Striding Fortress. The conspirators killed Sonnorai and took parts of her body and the gemstones from her sash to gain power. The tapestry is in the fortress. Biyo wants us tosave Garresy from the dragon. There are nine reigions in the realm, one with each of the conspirators. Bernaditti, a rakshasa ringmaster, is the conspirator in charge of the Midnight Circus. Brambleson, a rabbit, lives in the Briars. Brambleson ate Sonnorai’s feet and so has wanderlust. Half of his broken sword is in Zastrion’s treasure room. Additionally, there are the Barrow King, the Mourning Choir, Marsalee the Weaver (ant queen), the Remnant of Sonnerai, Balamar and Balio (performers), the Night Peddler, and Zastrion. The regions are the Midnight Circus, Demon’s Fen (the brambles), Man Molds (the wax museum), Prophet Garden, Sanguine Playhouse, Smith’s Caldera, the Striding Fortress, and the Trackless Dearth. The gemstones will tug in the direction of the Fortress and together they can lead us to it. Algon the Wanderer sees it as his paladin destiny to defeat the dragon.

Tal deduces that on this plane time passes normally, but we will not age. It is about 80 miles across and then wraps around. There is a DC 30 caster level check for spells to leave the planes and a DC 20 caster level check to cast conjuration (summoning) spells. The plane has a mildly neutral alignment.

We went to see Bernaditti, who challenged us to a battle of wits for his token. He would ask us five questions and we had to determine which answer he gave was a lie. His stone giant Rogg came in, but the rakshasa told him to go clean. We ask questions:

1. “Where do you hide your token?”
“In my prized possession, this teacup, of course.”
2. “What body part did you take from Sonnerai?”
“The bard’s tongue, explaining why I’m so glib.”
3. “What is the name of the dragon’s cook?”
“Biyo Vinna. Pretty good cook. We’ve shared tea many times.” (We verified this with Biyo.)
4. “What is your prized possession?”
“Of course, every conspirators prized possession is his token. ut if you collect too many you will draw the ire of others.”
5. “Is your teacup your token?”
“No, of course not. The token is in the tacup. It’s a garden on a gold pendant.”

We pointed out the logical contradiction between his answers to questions 1, 4, and 5 and he admitted to having lied.

  • garnet token (1,200 gp)

We went to see Brambleson. Biyo told us that a garden path and hedge maze used to connect the realm, but it’s now a tangled briar, where we will feel lost. We found a house in the briar with a garrish red and yellow paint. The rabbi prince was arguing with his house, complaining that he couldn’t go far from home because it just followed him around. When we asked for his token, he told us that he wants to escape from the demiplane to satisfy the wanderlust, but he wants to collect the other half of his Sword of Oaths first. To win his token, he challenged one of us to single combat. Larken beat him up and Brambleson graciously declared the fight a draw, and gave us his token.

  • green feldspar token in a tiny shoe called a dancing heel

We went to the Demon’s Fen, with Barrow Island and the undead barrow wight king to the east. The Mourning Choir (a weeping coatl and a former conspirator) was on the bridge. The coatl was once known as the Radiant Sunrise, but it now sings mournful songs for Sonnerai. The wight has the bard’s heart. When we crossed the bridge, we were attacked by the coatl and the wight. After defeating them, we performed a ritual with votive candles to quiet the undead spirits.


  • +1 greatsword (2,350 gp)
  • potion of water walk
  • 2 elixirs of fire breath
  • +1 brass dragonhide breastplate (1,700 gp)
  • mwk throwing axe (308 gp)
  • ring of protection +1 (Tal will take it if he has a ring slot free; I’ll check later)
  • cloak of resistance +1 (1,000 gp)
  • ruby token called the bard’s heart (1,000 gp)
  • books about burial rites (1,300 gp)

State of the Party:

Storykin tokens:

  • green feldspar token in a tiny shoe called a dancing heel
  • garnet token (1,200 gp)
  • ruby token called the bard’s heart (1,000 gp)


  • dozens of stone tablets with knowledge about the Shadowvale (10,000 gp to the right buyer)
  • knowledge of the location of Talia‚Äôs wedding gift (worth 300 gp)

Stuff of unknown ownership:

  • +3 greatsword with Zaith’s coat of arms (9167gp)

Stuff to sell when we’re done with it:

  • spellbook with all 0 level spells, fire shield, fireball, acid arrow, glitterdust, mirror image, scorching ray, burning hands, mage armor, magic missile, and shield
  • spell books with: dominate person, waves of fatigue, bestow curse, dimension door, phantasmal killer, dispel magic, displacement, suggestion, tongues, vampiric touch, blindness/deafness, detect thoughts, false life, ghoul touch, resist energy, charm person, chill touch, comprehend languages, grease, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement, shield, and all 0-level wizard spells
  • another copy of all of the above spells and 6 spells of each level from 5th up to 9th (half GM choice, half Tal’s choice)
  • Spell Book with 6 spells of level 1-5 (gm choice) (2475 gp)
  • spellbook with chain lightning, disintegrate, dispel magic greater, sending, teleport, wall of force, lightning bolt, enervation, fire shiled, ice storm, resilient sphere, scrying, fly, gaseous form, protection from energy, slow, alter self, detect thoughts, mage armor, levitate, pyrotechnics, scorching ray, burning hands, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, shield, and six other spells of each level from 1 to 6 (3 Tal’s choice, 3 assumed redundant, except for level 6 spells, which will be specified later), and all level 0 spells.


  • 974 arrows
  • 220 bolts
  • 120 small darts
  • “Skybolt,” a +2 thundering composite longbow (for plus 4 strength)
  • ritual barbarian dagger
  • Jewel, the annoying dog (a weapon of mass annoyance)

Potions/alchemical items:

  • 3 potions of water breathing
  • 1 potion of water walk
  • 1 potion of shield of faith +2
  • 2 potions of shield of faith +3
  • 2 potions of lesser restoration
  • 1 potion of raise dead
  • 2 potions of speak with animals
  • 4 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 1 vial of wyvern poison
  • vial of antitoxin
  • thunderstone
  • 2 smokesticks
  • 2 potions of flight

Wondrous Items:

  • ring of protection +1 (Tal will take it if he has a ring slot free; I’ll check later)
  • figurine of wondrous power, silver raven (1900 gp)
  • folding boat (another one)
  • 3 dust of illusion
  • 1 feather token, tree
  • elixir of love
  • 2 elixirs of fire breath
  • ointment, restorative (5 uses)
  • type II necklace of fireballs with one 4d6 bead left
  • bag of holding
  • robe of vermin (cursed item)
  • ring of bestial friendship (after 1d4 minutes, the befriended animal goes into a rage and has an urge to attack a nearby town) (made of hair)
  • portable hole (empty)
  • Iridescent Spindle (Ioun Stone) Creature does not need air.
  • Wand of Dimension Door 22/50
  • Wand of Knock 50/50
  • Wand of Find Traps 50/50
  • Wand of Message 50/50
  • Wand of Disguise Self 50/50
  • 5 scrolls of speak with animal
  • scroll Remove Disease
  • scroll Neutralize Poison
  • scroll Cure Blindness/Deafness
  • scroll Remove Curse
  • scroll Tongues


  • 4 vials of skunk musk (that prevents detection by black puddings)
  • lizardfolk hatched from an egg
  • bag of caltrops (previously possessed by Grigore)
  • sketched likeness of the dark fey
  • map with our town and the owlbear’s nest marked on it
  • map from the troll lair, rubbing of the pillar from the troll lair
  • dire boar pelt
  • dragon scale to make x2 small Hide Armor
  • black dragon scales
  • forest drake hide
  • winter wolf pelt
  • lich dust
  • Scales for 2 medium Black dragon armor suits
  • Scales for 1 medium Silver dragon armor suit


  • forest drake head
  • rock troll head
  • double-headed ettin heads
  • wyvern head
  • winter wolf head
  • owlbear head
  • pluda head
  • eel head
  • ahuozautl head
  • Vordakai’s head
  • dinosaur (elasmosaurus) head
  • naga head
  • black dragon head

The party has 84122.85 gp



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