Taking control of Varnhold

After our wonderful adventure dealing with the Lich’s traps, we grabbed the ahuozautl and eel bodies and attempted to signal the Wyverns for our established food for flight trading program. Luckily they noticed our fire and quickly agreed to the trade. We put Xanathe in the portable hole with a iridescent spindle Ioun stone. (Ring of sustenance doesn’t give you air, we would have crafted this)

  • Iridescent Spindle (Ioun Stone) (-9000 gp)

The Wyverns flew us to the dragon lair where we found the bones of Anvarion the silver dragon who had been slain by the acid breath of the black dragon Ilthiliak. On the ground we found enough scales to make two suits of black dragon armor and one suit of silver dragon armor. We signaled Pierlarius, the silver dragon, to come and see his brother’s tomb. We gave him a black dragon scale so he could divine the location of his brother’s killer. He left us the summoning stone and told us to call on him if we greatly needed assistance.

  • Scales for 2 medium Black dragon armor suits
  • Scales for 1 medium Silver dragon armor suit

At this point we had the Wyverns drop us off at the expedition camp where we met Xi and the centaur guards and picked up our horses. We told them we had news of Xanathe. With Xanathe not being present they all assumed the worst. We made our way to the centaur camp and told our harrowing tale of defeating Vordaki. At the climax of the story, which we implied that Xanathe was going to be killed by Vordaki, we released Xanathe from the portable hole. The camp let out a cheer and an impromptu festival was thrown on the spot. Aecora Silverfire agreed that the Nomen tribes would be at peace with Zaith and they would form an alliance with the kingdom of Aneron.

  • +2 Stability to our kingdom

The morning after the feast we left to release the Varnholders from the soul jars. We contacted the villagers one at a time and dashed their jars against the tavern wall. The villagers were happy to be free but saddened by the loss of their leadership and fellow villagers. We immediately gave back all the goods recovered from the spriggans to help the recovery of the town. We kept the sword of Varn as the owner was dead. The Varnholders quickly organized a council and made on offer to join our kingdom. We graciously accepted.

  • Gain Varnhold hex and two hexes around it (9 farms)
  • Buildings: Brewery, Extoic Craftsman, Garrison, Granary, Inn, Smith, Tannery, Temple, 3 Tradesman, 8 Houses
  • lost Varnhold goods

Nivakta’s Crossing was our next itinerary where some people told us they wanted various reagents from the south. We stumbled across a wanted poster for manticore quills requested by Iosis
Vemarelian. The centaurs told us they had cleared manticores out of their burial grounds so we just needed to swing by and pick them up.

Beven Armaki, the tavern keep, wanted us to find some silver eels that were located in Silverstep lake so he could have an eel bake off.

Chamaie Lerian, a weaver, wanted us to gather 50 yards spider silk for a special project from trap door spiders to the south. We had knowledge of a den of them just to the north east of Varnhold.

Tal left us at this juncture to return home to our capital and get a hold on what had been happening in out absence. He took with him Torvald’s ring to give back to his brother Edrist and bring news of his untimely demise.

  • +3000gp for return of ring

We went up to Zaith to inform them of the treaty with the Nomen. The swordlords were pleased and gave us a reward

  • +4000gp for Nomen Treaty

Irvin Renwald was dropped off at his academy and offered to buy back his viola and books. We agreed.

  • lost mwk viola
  • lost books of Iobarian knowledge
  • +2500gp
  • Wand of find traps 50/50

We then journeyed south to make a loop around the unexplored areas of the territory surrounding Varnhold. We came across a bridge made of webs that lead to a dead end ridge. Obviously a trap, we sent Hawk to light step to the other side to see if he could discern anything. As soon as he was across, we were ambushed by three ettercaps, three giant spider and two clawbats. They were quickly dispatched. We found the body of a dead dwarf and a trapped chest that Hawk disarmed.

  • +2 warhammer (4156gp) sold
  • 435gp 1080sp in chest
  • concentrated ettercap poison DC20 fort, 2 saves to succeed 1d6 dex damage, 10 rnds (Hawk)

We then headed to see if we could get a Roc egg for the omelet king. We spied a tower high on the mountain peak and began climbing towards it. On the final approach Liliana cast levitate on everyone and then they all tied themselves off to Hawk with three ropes braided together. The Roc must have been watching as it swooped down suddenly and grabbed Hawk, and by the transitive property, the entire party.

Larken and Verrak quickly drank their potions of enlarge person that they had out for just such an occasion. Hawk quickly tied off the rope to the Roc’s leg and thus sealed it’s fate. The Roc tore into Hawk and Verrak but could not do enough to stop the two large fighters savaging it’s underbelly and the dancing ninja light stepping across its legs. The Roc fell to the ground as the party cut itself free and floated in midair. The then floated to the tower where they found 3 eggs. They were unfortunately unfertilized, but we took them all and placed them in the portable hole. We sent our silver Raven out to summon the wyverns for the feast at the summit of Talon peak.

Hawk went off to cut the Roc’s head off for our collection and was greeted by a large bear trying to eat our trophy. Hawk went invisible and stabbled it to death. The wyverns appeared and brought the bear up to the tower so we could make stew. The wyverns ate and agreed to take us over the mountains to silverstep lake. We sent our silver raven off to Varnhold for the villagers to come get our horses in the morning.

The wyverns dropped us off at the lake where we were approached by Blodeuwedd, a fey like creature of the plains. She appeared before us and questioned our presence in the area. We told her we were here to catch the silver eels and wanted to know of any happenings in the area. We had to promise that we would honor the lake and nature before she would render us aid. We agreed and after finding out we were the rulers of Aneron, she said she would give protection to our subjects as long as they kept nature alive and thriving in the area. She told us of a giant man eating plant to the south, and that there was a phase spider somewhere near the ghost stone. She also informed us that she had seen an area of gems to the south called the whispering grotto. She also informed us that the silver eels liked good berries and used her druid like powers to summon a copse of them. We spent the day fishing and caught the eels for the tavern keeper.

We skirted the man eating plant and came to an area of the whispering grotto and saw the gems for ourselves. This area is ripe for a mining operation.

We headed off to the ghost stone and on the way a voice called out in Aklo from a copse of trees that it needed our help. Luckily, Hawk spoke Aklo and was able to translate for the rest of the party. Having knowledge of the phase spider, we asked it to reveal itself. The phase spider introduced herself as Zzamas and told us that some Xill had used the ghost stone to come to our plane. The ghost stone had once been a portal to the ethereal realm, and it’s physical structure was a permanent emplacement on the mercurial ethereal plane. It also had the side effect of weakening the barriers between the prime material and the other planes (A theme it seems) and allowed the Xill to come over. Zzamas told us of the plight of the Xill on her race and that she was trapped here until the were driven off. She mentioned she had overheard the Xill speaking of a summons from Vordaki, and that the five that were already there were a vangaurd of a larger force. She promised to give us a chest she had buried if we destroyed the Xill. Liliana agreed as she would have erradicated the Evil outsiders from her future realm as a matter of course. We buffed and approached the encampment and engaged them in melee. The four armed insectoids were fierce fighters but could not match the fury of Liliana’s three cold-hearted killers. During the battle a Xorn came through the ghost stone and attacked. Most of the Xill were down by then and the Xorn was not much help for our adversaries. The last Xill ran through the ghost stone but Zzamas jumped through after at the behest of Liliana and finished it off. The Xorn was full of gems and a vein of silver. Zzamas thanked us for our help and showed us the location of the chest and also informed us of a cave with iron to the south. We noted it on our map and then tried to get into the chest. It took Hawk a a few tries but we eventually broke into the chest.

  • Chest reagent for the secret chest spell (5000gp) sold
  • Wand of Dimension Door 22/50
  • Spell Book with 6 spells of level 1-5 (gm choice) (2475 gp)
  • x13 gems from Xorn 3600gp sold
  • Silver vein 3000gp sold
  • x5 steel shields (27.5gp) sold
  • x10 long bows (375gp) sold
  • x10 short swords (50gp) sold

We then made our way to the spider dens and were jumped by six trap door spiders. While Larken was having a flashback,Verraks extended reach made the spider’s attacks ill advised as they were skewered before they could even get into range. They were quickly dispatched and the silk harvested for the weaver.

  • 1200gp found in the webs
  • 50 yards of spider silk
  • cloak of elvenkind (1250gp) sold
  • boots of elvenkind (1250gp) sold

We stopped by the burial mounds and gathered up sufficient quills to satisfy the poet back in Zaith.

We returned to Zaith and turned over all the ingredients to their respective recipients.

The omelet king is convinced to hold his omelet cooking competion in the kingdom of Aneron. This brings a huge burst of activity and tourism that the tax coffers are overflowing.

The Iobarians notes and scribings are brought to Tamerak Elenark and he rewarded us with a headband of Wisdom +2. We let him snort a pinch of lich dust on a lark and the bookworm able to actually gain the interest of a bar wench. There was obviously dark magic at work

The eels are given to the tavernkeep and we are given a free entry into the eel cook off. Hawk is allowed to compete and makes a strange concoction of cooked eel wrapped in vinegar rice, seaweed and covered in a brown liquid with a green root in it. It is universally panned as being too salty and spicy. We still gained a +2 buckler for bringing in the eels.

With the delivery of his quills, Iosis is ecstatic and gleeful that he can start his epic. He shoved a book of halfling poetry at us before running around in circles spouting Iambic pentameter. Larken was going to use it as toilet paper, the only truly fitting use for halfling poetry, but Hawk recognized it as a particular rare work of halfing art detailing the historical signifance of second breakfast on the third age of halfling kind. After shopping it around, Nugrah came and offered us 3000gp for the work. We weren’t surprised.

Chamaie was delivered her silk and gave us all a kiss on the cheek. We spent the night in town and when we awoke we saw her sneaking out of Larken’s room. When we were later leaving town, Larken discovered a +2 cloak of resistance in his saddle bag while he was searching for bear jerky.

  • +6 BP
  • Headband of Wisdom +2 (2000gp) Given to Nugrah for Kingdom bonus
  • +2 buckler(2080gp) Sold
  • halfling poetry book (3000gp) Sold to Nugrah
  • Cloak of Resistance +2 (2000gp) sold

We bought a wand of knock in Aneron (-4500gp)
We bought a wand of disguise self (-750gp)
We bought a wand of message in Aneron (-375gp)
We bought 5 scrolls of speak with animal in Aneron (-125gp)

Scribed Scrolls:
5 Mirror Image(Liliana)
Remove Disease
Neutralize Poison
Cure Blindness/Deafness
Remove Curse

State of the Party

Sold a bunch of stuff and traded all trade goods for money.


  • dozens of stone tablets with knowledge about the Shadowvale (10,000 gp to the right buyer)
  • knowledge of the location of Talia’s wedding gift (worth 300 gp)

Stuff of unknown ownership:

  • +3 greatsword with Zaith’s coat of arms(9167gp)

Stuff to sell when we’re done with it:

  • spellbook with all 0 level spells, fire shield, fireball, acid arrow, glitterdust, mirror image, scorching ray, burning hands, mage armor, magic missile, and shield
  • spell books with: dominate person, waves of fatigue, bestow curse, dimension door, phantasmal killer, dispel magic, displacement, suggestion, tongues, vampiric touch, blindness/deafness, detect thoughts, false life, ghoul touch, resist energy, charm person, chill touch, comprehend languages, grease, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement, shield, and all 0-level wizard spells
  • another copy of all of the above spells and 6 spells of each level from 5th up to 9th (half GM choice, half Tal’s choice)
  • Spell Book with 6 spells of level 1-5 (gm choice) (2475 gp)


  • 934 arrows
  • 220 bolts
  • 120 small darts
  • “Skybolt,” a +2 thundering composite longbow (for plus 4 strength)
  • ritual barbarian dagger

Potions/alchemical items:

  • 3 potions of water breathing
  • 1 potion of shield of faith +2
  • 2 potions of lesser restoration
  • 1 potion of raise dead
  • 2 potions of speak with animals
  • 4 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 1 vial of wyvern poison
  • vial of antitoxin
  • thunderstone
  • 2 smokesticks
  • 2 potions of flight

Wondrous Items:

  • figurine of wondrous power, silver raven (1900 gp)
  • folding boat (another one)
  • 3 dust of illusion
  • 1 feather token, tree
  • elixir of love
  • ointment, restorative (5 uses)
  • type II necklace of fireballs with one 4d6 bead left
  • bag of holding
  • robe of vermin (cursed item)
  • ring of bestial friendship (after 1d4 minutes, the befriended animal goes into a rage and has an urge to attack a nearby town) (made of hair)
  • portable hole (empty)
  • Iridescent Spindle (Ioun Stone) Creature does not need air.
  • Wand of Dimension Door 22/50
  • Wand of Knock 50/50
  • Wand of Find Traps 50/50
  • Wand of Message 50/50
  • Wand of Disguise Self 50/50
  • 5 scrolls of speak with animal
  • scroll Remove Disease
  • scroll Neutralize Poison
  • scroll Cure Blindness/Deafness
  • scroll Remove Curse
  • scroll Tongues


  • lizardfolk hatched from an egg
  • bag of caltrops (previously possessed by Grigore)
  • sketched likeness of the dark fey
  • map with our town and the owlbear’s nest marked on it
  • map from the troll lair, rubbing of the pillar from the troll lair
  • dire boar pelt
  • dragon scale to make x2 small Hide Armor
  • black dragon scales
  • forest drake hide
  • winter wolf pelt
  • lich dust
  • Scales for 2 medium Black dragon armor suits
  • Scales for 1 medium Silver dragon armor suit


  • forest drake head
  • rock troll head
  • double-headed ettin heads
  • wyvern head
  • winter wolf head
  • owlbear head
  • pluda head
  • eel head
  • ahuozautl head
  • Vordakai’s head
  • dinosaur (elasmosaurus) head
  • naga head

The party has 160,825.7gp


Nice. That’s a lotta gold. Did you finish the module?

The wand and the ioun stone aren’t in the summary at the end.

Taking control of Varnhold

I fixed the list, thanks for the catch. Yes, we finished the module and I am doing kingdom building for 4 years before the start of the next. I think we should all take 30,000gp and equip ourselves as wanted. I’ll have a year to craft when I am not running the kingdom and the ring of sustenance lets me do them both anyway.

Taking control of Varnhold

I am redoing our kingdom using the ultimate campaign book. I went back to the beginning and I am on month 29. I feel sorry for the other kingdoms. We are going to be a behemoth.

Reach a Kingdom Size of 11: 2,400 XP
Reach a Kingdom Size of 26: 4,800 XP
Reach a Kingdom Size of 51: 9,600 XP
Fill a Settlement with 4 Lots of Buildings: 1,600 XP
Fill a Settlement with 16 Lots of Buildings: 4,800 XP
Fill a Settlement with 36 Lots of Buildings: 12,800 XP

Experience for kingdom building is 36,000 XP split among the party so far. I may get us to kingdom size 101 before the end of year 4.

Reach a Kingdom Size of 101: 12,800 XP

Taking control of Varnhold


Sell +1 scale male +600gp
Sell Kikko Armor +15gp
Sell +1 heavy wooden shield +578.5gp
Sell Masterwork Morning Star +154gp
Sell ring of swimming +1250gp

2 Glamered Mithral Agile Breast Plate -7,750 gp
+3 Consecrated Darkwood Heavy Wooden Shield – 4,757gp
Amulet of Natural Armor
1 => Amulet of Natural Armor +2 -3,000gp
Winged boots -8000gp
Ring of revelation – sidestep secret -5000gp
Handy Haversack -1000gp
Masterwork Spiked gauntlet -105gp
Circlet of Persuasion -2250

29279.5 gp spent


Sell +1 armor spike mountain pattern armor +725gp
Sell +2 Furious Ranseur +9155gp
Sell Belt of Giant strength +2 2000gp
Sell folding boat 3600gp

2 Admantine Furious Keen Bardiche 19,013gp
+2 Spiked Glamered Mithral Agile Breast Plate -7,800 gp
Belt of Stubborn Resolve -7500gp
Winged Boots -8000gp
Handy Haversack -1000gp
Amulet of Natural Armor
1 => Amulet of Natural Armor +2 -3,000gp

30,0833gp spent

Taking control of Varnhold

Taking off verraks +3 amulet back to +2 and taking off the handy haversack and taking the headband of Havoc for 4000gp. Gold total remains the same.

Taking control of Varnhold

lesser rod of quicken (17,500 gp, yeah, I know, what an extravagance)
headband of vast intelligence from +2 to +4 (6000 gp)
pearl of power (1st) (500 gp)
pearl of power (3rd) (4,500 gp)
scrolls (1,550 gp):
1. comprehend languages, endure elements, obscuring mist, silent image
2. blur, create pit, dark vision, fog cloud, glitterdust, gust of wind, mirror image, protection from arrows, pyrotechnics, touch of idiocy
3. dispel magic, fly, haste, invisibility sphere

30,050 gp spent

Taking control of Varnhold

Actually, Tal will drop the two pearls of power and sell the lesser extend rod (at this level, I can’t really think of a good use for it…) and instead get a lesser echoing rod. Gold spent goes up 500 to 30,550.

Taking control of Varnhold

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