Or, our resources are further depleted and then Verrak basically solos Vordakai

The wyverns tell us that the found tracks from a centaur, which we surmise likely were made by the missing centaur, Xannath. We asked them to fly us to the upper entrance of Vordakai’s tomb, a stone cairn with an ancient aura of preservative magic protecting it against erosion. The upper door was magically locked, but Verrak was able to spell sunder it open.

The passageway leading into the tomb was lined by ancient bas-relief artwork of the ancient centaurs and led to an empty chamber. Liliana smelt tar from one of the walls. Hawk noticed that one of the bas-reliefs showed two cyclops in wrestling stances, which led us to mimic the posture on two diases in the chamber. From this vantage point, we noticed an odd stone at a cyclops’ eye level. Pressing it showed us the outline of a door, and behind it a tar pit.

Hawk attempted to climb across a wall on the edge of a pit when a zombie flew out and cast a fireball at us. It was the Varnholdian wizard, Cephal. During the battle, other zombies came in through a secret door behind us. After we dispatched them, a lava elemental arose and we killed it as well.


  • +1 dagger (2,302 gp)
  • +2 ring of protection (Larken)
  • spell component pouch (5 gp)
  • spellbook with all 0 level spells, fire shield, fireball, acid arrow, glitterdust, mirror image, scorching ray, burning hands, mage armor, magic missile, and shield

Proceeding onward, we came to a room with corpses seated around a table, with their brains removed. We saw dread zombies eating them and the spectre of Willas Gunderson flew through a door. We killed them.


  • 4 mwk greataxes (310 gp each)

The body at the head of the table was Megar Varn. We also found the body of the cleric Caspar Morgarian. We suspect that Vordakai ate the corpses ritualistically in an attempt to gain their memories. Verrak ascended to the next level and found a glowing octagonal chamber with an eye-shaped dome and images of cyclopses. Vordakai was in the center. When the rest of us realized what was happening, we rushed to join the battle, but Verrak was able to force Vordakai to flee (by teleporting) at about the time that we arrived. Through arcane eye we learned that Vordakai had an occulus granting true seeing, the spells shield and mage armor, a ring with a +2 deflection bonus, and a headband increasing his INT and CHA.

State of the Party:


  • knowledge of the location of Talia’s wedding gift (worth 300 gp)
  • “Secrets of the Rashalka Mounds” and Ervil’s notes
  • charcoal stretches of peculiar markings, which the notes attribute to the old centaurs
  • two-month old letter from Varn to Pendras saying that Willas discovered the bracelet on the banks of a local river and asking Pendras to look into it
  • centuries-old geography book on Taldor, with a massage marked by Pendras as “Vordakai,” an ancient Nomen god.
  • letters with mentions of conflict with the Nomen
  • pages from a spellbook containing the spells: bears endurance, mount, tiny hut, keen edge, comprehend languages, and flaming sphere
  • map of the Nomen Heights and the area around Varnhold

Stuff belonging to the Varnholders:

  • payroll coffer of 500 gp
  • gems worth 3500 gp
  • +2 defending longsword with the symbol of the house of Varn
  • 6000 gp
  • recipe for the Cheerful Delver Stout (50 gp)

Stuff of unknown ownership:

  • complete set of Ustlavic silverware (75 gp)
  • pouch with 57 gp
  • +3 greatsword with Zaith’s coat of arms
  • messanger’s parcel with 5 spinnels (100 gp each)

Stuff to sell when we’re done with it:

  • spellbook with all 0 level spells, fire shield, fireball, acid arrow, glitterdust, mirror image, scorching ray, burning hands, mage armor, magic missile, and shield


  • 934 arrows
  • 220 bolts
  • 120 small darts
  • “Skybolt,” a +2 thundering composite longbow (for plus 4 strength)
  • +1 heavy crossbow of seeking (8400 gp)
  • ritual barbarian dagger

Potions/alchemical items:

  • 4 potions of water breathing
  • 1 potion of shield of faith +2
  • 2 potions of lesser restoration
  • 1 potion of raise dead
  • 2 potions of speak with animals
  • 4 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 1 vial of wyvern poison
  • vial of antitoxin
  • thunderstone
  • 2 smokesticks
  • 1200 gp in potions

Wondrous Items:

  • folding boat (another one)
  • 3 dust of illusion
  • 1 feather token, tree
  • elixir of love
  • ointment, restorative (5 uses)
  • type II necklace of fireballs with one 4d6 bead left
  • ring of friend shield (but not its companion ring)
  • bag of holding
  • robe of vermin (cursed item)
  • ring of bestial friendship (after 1d4 minutes, the befriended animal goes into a rage and has an urge to attack a nearby town) (made of hair)


  • lizardfolk hatched from an egg
  • bag of caltrops (previously possessed by Grigore)
  • sketched likeness of the dark fey
  • map with our town and the owlbear’s nest marked on it
  • map from the troll lair, rubbing of the pillar from the troll lair
  • dire boar pelt
  • dragon scale to make x2 small Hide Armor
  • black dragon scales
  • forest drake hide
  • winter wolf pelt

Quest items:

  • Torvin’s mother-of-pearl brooch
  • trunk with a small library of reference books (900 gp, or 500 gp reward from the academy for their return)
  • mwk viola with maker mark of Azores of Wistful (1600 gp, or more for return to the academy)


  • forest drake head
  • rock troll head
  • double-headed ettin heads
  • wyvern head
  • winter wolf head
  • owlbear head
  • pluda head

The party has 10694.2 gp



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