Vordakai, Part Deux

Or, Ding Dong, the Lich is

The room which Vordakai fled had an overwhelming aura of conjuration and divination magic, and a link to a demonic plane. Through a doorway on one side, we found a chamber with a pool with an aura of teleportation magic. A water elemental arose from it and attacked us, despite Tal’s quite unsuccessful attempt at an untrained diplomacy check. We also found a soul eater in the chamber and heard Vordakai call out for the assistance of “Pisco.” At the far end of the chamber, beheaded humanoids were draining blood into the pool.

Tal heard a suffering female voice, belonging to the missing centaur Xanathe, telling him to get the magic flail from behind the altar and use it against Vordakai. The centaur later told Hawk that there was also a ring of freedom of movement behind the altar, which could protect us against Vordakai’s paralyzing attacks.

Hawk defeated the soul eater, but had his wisdom severely drained in the process. Vordakai paralyzed Larken, but he was saved by the unicorn. Vordakai then paralyzed Verrak, but Liliana cast break paralysis. Eventually, we retrieved the items mentioned by the centaur and the fight turned in our favor. Vordakai trapped Hawk in a soul jar and then cast dimension door to flee back to a chamber where he was keeping Xanathe, whom he planned to sacrifice to regain his power. We managed to get Xanathe away from Vordakai and were about to defeat him when he released Hawk from the soul jar. Hawk, it turned out, had been communicating telepathically with Vordakai while trapped in the jar. Their conversation went as follows:

HAWK: So, all those thousands of years of ‘life’ drawing to an end, eh?
VORDAKAI: You fool, you will be a valuable asset in the war to come!
H: Ah, so who will will be fighting in this war to come and how can I assist in your grand plot. (Bluff check: 30)
V: First, we shall combine our kingdoms and then rise an undead centaur horde to crush Zaith and Shadow Vale.
H: And what of the evil fey queen who has her eyes on the Stolen Lands? Are we allied with her? Or will she perish with the rest?
V: The meddling fey will be vanished. I know her secrets. I know what she truly seeks.
H: Would what she truly seeks aid our cause as well? Would it be wise for us to claim this for our own cause?
V: She is the cgvinlut (?) of a goddess on the Astral plane, but she was stripped of her power, her heart — ztpgicpte (?) — it was stored and hidden in a thorn blade… and together we shall find it and make her our servant.
H: So, without her heart, she’s just a nameless astral goddess? When you slay my ex-comrades, where shall we go to claim her heart and bend her to your will?
V: Her Thorn is hidden in the western Stolen Lands. Together we shall find it. It is in a notunl (?) place, hidden by the higher gods that bound her and allied against her. They hid it here thousands of years ago, even before my time.
H: Long ago indeed to be beyond your power. Does the fey “goddess” have a name? And if she were to get her Thorn before we were able to get it, what will her intentions be? And lastly, do you know why the higher gods that allied against her removed her heart in the first place, with your indefinite knowledge?
V: You see the centaur, Xannathe, lying on the floor. “Now we will tend to this anti-paladin.” [At this point, the lich draws a ceremonial dagger and places it over the centaur.
H: Her life will lead to the end of many others…
V: Shut up, my slave! Oh no! They used the occulus chamber!
H: Order them to stand down on the life and Xanathe and mine!
V: If you defeat me, Nyrissa will discover BRIAR, the thornblade, long before you know it, and the whole world will be in dire danger. You must stop them now! I release you!

Upon his release, Hawk told us not to kill Vordakai, as he had knowledge of the evil fey Nyrissa and how to defeat her. Liliana recognized the name: Nyrissa became the lover of an Eldest, quickly gaining power and becoming and Eldest herself. But, the others stopped her and stripped her of her power to love. Liliana prayed to Kalen, who told her that nothing good would come of an alliance with the lich and that the same knowledge could be found in his ancient books. So, Liliana blasted Vordakai with positive energy and Verrak and Larken finished him off. As he died, he said “Nyrissa will find the Thornblade Briar and continue her domination of the world!”

State of the party is unchanged from last time.


Kudos to Hawk. That’s some fine plot exposition we got. I’ve transcribed it exactly except for the three words I couldn’t figure out (marked by question marks).

Vordakai, Part Deux

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