We meet the Nomen and capture the raven

Or, introducing Xi

We headed east towards the centaurs.

Meanwhile, the human monk Xi lived with the centaurs. He saw a raven flying strangely. The queen of the centaurs referred to it as Horagnoman. Xi spotted us coming from the west when he was tracking the raven. He met us, but decided to talk to the centaurs before inviting us to come to them. After gaining their assent, we headed in.

The centaurs were performing a ritual dance honoring “mother moon,” a form of Calen. The leader told us that they were not allies of Varnhold, but were still concerned about the vanishing as they feared that the same thing could happen to them. We told her that we had determined that the necromancer Vordakai had put the people of Varnhold into sould jars. They recognized the name as belonging to an evil arising from the south, that they were responsible for containing. Vordakai was a slumbering warlord from the times of the mother tribes, last heard of in the dragon age 200 years back. We can go to Ollaconcactet, the “Valley of the Dead,” to learn more. Recently, a centaur huntress saw a strange lumbering shape there. The tomb of Vardakai is in the Valley, with a stair that leads up the mountains. We can follow the river to a waterfall, and then find the tomb on an island. She told Xi that she feared for her daughter Xananth, a friend of Xi and the one had seen the strange lumbering shape. She went missing after her mother was unable to tell her anything about the shape. She saw Skybolt on Larken and asked about it. It had been Xananth’s bow. Xananth had broken taboo by going to the Valley and she wanted us to search for her, offering us the bow as a gift for rescuing her daughter. We returned the centaur hides that we had found in the village (for burial) and said that we had determined (via blood biography) that they had been killed by the spriggans.

The leader of the centaurs told us that there were manticores in the burial grounds to the north, as well as Kankorata, the “earth mover,” that left big holes in the earth when it moved. The centaurs gave Hawk a gift.

  • mwk light crossbow (Hawk)

We offered to scry on the daughter, and found her slumped in the east corner of a prison chamber, chained to the wall. It had similar architecture to what we had scryed previously.

We headed north to the Blood Furrows in search of the Kankorata, which we identified as a bulette. Hawk found recent tracks and it then leapt ouf of the ground, knocking out Tal and stunning Liliana. Xi killed it. When we returned, the centaur matriarch gave us:

  • 6 potions of cure moderate wounds (1 for each of us except Liliana, 1 in party loot)
  • 6 potions of lesser restoration (1 for each of us except Liliana, 1 in party loot)

We went south and found an ancient linnorm skeletal head surrounded by herds of animals. The centaurs told us that this was unusual behavior for the herds. Andarus flew over and noticed an ancient stone with the raven on it at the center of the area. A purplish magical aura flowed out from the raven with an enchantment aura. Hawk turned invisible and went to investigate, climbing up a rib bone of the skeleton. He approached the raven. It saw him despite his invisibility, but he was able to catch it and stuff it in the bag of holding. The bulls in the herd of mastodons then went mad, forcing us to kill them.

We returned to the centaur village to interrogate the raven. Via detect thoughts, we found that it had the intelligence of 10 (suggesting that Vordaki is level 9 or 10) and seemed to be a channel for the thoughts of another. Via detect magic, we sensed an overwhelming aura of conjuration, divination, and necromancy and had a vision of an eye, which a centaur druid identified as the Occulus of Abbadon, which granted dark vision, true seeing, and greater scry three times per day. We cast detect scrying and found that Vordakai was scrying on us. He was a large cyclops and we were able to pinpoint his location. In response, he cast a fireball through his familiar, causing the bird to heat up and explode.

State of the Party:


  • knowledge of the location of Talia’s wedding gift (worth 300 gp)
  • “Secrets of the Rashalka Mounds” and Ervil’s notes
  • charcoal stretches of peculiar markings, which the notes attribute to the old centaurs
  • two-month old letter from Varn to Pendras saying that Willas discovered the bracelet on the banks of a local river and asking Pendras to look into it
  • centuries-old geography book on Taldor, with a massage marked by Pendras as “Vordakai,” an ancient Nomen god.
  • letters with mentions of conflict with the Nomen
  • pages from a spellbook containing the spells: bears endurance, mount, tiny hut, keen edge, comprehend languages, and flaming sphere
  • map of the Nomen Heights and the area around Varnhold

Stuff belonging to the Varnholders:

  • payroll coffer of 500 gp
  • gems worth 3500 gp
  • +2 defending longsword with the symbol of the house of Varn
  • 6000 gp
  • recipe for the Cheerful Delver Stout (50 gp)


  • 934 arrows
  • 220 bolts
  • 120 small darts
  • “Skybolt,” a +2 thundering composite longbow (for plus 4 strength)
  • +1 heavy crossbow of seeking (8400 gp)
  • ritual barbarian dagger

Potions/alchemical items:

  • 4 potions of water breathing
  • 1 potion of shield of faith +2
  • 2 potions of lesser restoration
  • 1 potion of raise dead
  • 2 potions of speak with animals
  • 4 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 1 vial of wyvern poison
  • vial of antitoxin
  • thunderstone
  • 2 smokesticks
  • 1200 gp in potions

Wondrous Items:

  • folding boat (another one)
  • 3 dust of illusion
  • 1 feather token, tree
  • elixir of love
  • ointment, restorative (5 uses)
  • type II necklace of fireballs with one 4d6 bead left
  • ring of friend shield (but not its companion ring)
  • bag of holding
  • robe of vermin (cursed item)
  • ring of bestial friendship (after 1d4 minutes, the befriended animal goes into a rage and has an urge to attack a nearby town) (made of hair)


  • lizardfolk hatched from an egg
  • bag of caltrops (previously possessed by Grigore)
  • sketched likeness of the dark fey
  • map with our town and the owlbear’s nest marked on it
  • map from the troll lair, rubbing of the pillar from the troll lair
  • dire boar pelt
  • dragon scale to make x2 small Hide Armor
  • black dragon scales
  • forest drake hide
  • winter wolf pelt

Quest items:

  • Torvin’s mother-of-pearl brooch
  • trunk with a small library of reference books (900 gp, or 500 gp reward from the academy for their return)
  • mwk viola with maker mark of Azores of Wistful (1600 gp, or more for return to the academy)


  • forest drake head
  • rock troll head
  • double-headed ettin heads
  • wyvern head
  • winter wolf head
  • owlbear head
  • pluda head

The party has 8610.7 gp


I figure that the Valley of the Dead probably merits a harrowing, so let’s see what the cards say:

The Desert (partial): 1 CON
The Joke (true): +2 INT
The Brass Dwarf (true): +2 CON (
4 CON for Xi)
The Unicorn (partial): +1 CHA


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