Adventure Begins!
First Session

The Road South…

King Amlyn Zadrik has decided that the time is ripe for him to
expand the borders of Zaith to their historical boundaries. To do
such, he has decided that he will send chartered scouting parties out
into the unclaimed lands in the south to gauge their relative safety
and suitability for colonization.

Liliana Mae and Hawk Thannox were renowned for their supposed claims
to bastard-ship of their respective royal houses. Both have had their
claims denied by their house and due to their similar situations,
have fallen into a friendly rivalry with each other. When rumors began
to surface that there were possible landed knighthoods up for grabs,
both separately went to the Baron Jennisar and begged to be allowed to
take a commission. The Baron had already selected for all of
commissions but one and decided to shrewdly split the remaining
commission among the two bastards.

Hawk – Rogue
Liliana – Oracle

The Bastards put out words among the town that they were looking for
adventures. Six brave souls answered the call.

Tal – Elven Wizard (conjurer)
Verrak – Barbarian
Troi – Ranger
Ariadne – Druid
Torgian – Gnome Sorcerer
Larken – Half Orc Fighter

The party provisioned, bought mounts and headed south towards an
outpost named Olegs. They journey south was an uneventful one.

They reached Olegs and were met by its name sake and his much more
friendly wife Svetlana. The party was regaled with a tale of cruelty
and hardship brought on by bandits plundering the storehouse of Oleg’s
on the first of day of the month. They had sent back to town for
help, but none had been forthcoming. What was worse, the bandits were
due the next morning. The party agreed to ambush the bandits for

The ambush went off without a hitch. The bandits were killed or
captured in under 12 seconds. The party obtained four prisoners,
including Habbs, the bandit party leader. The party interrogated the
prisoners and learned of a bandit camp one day south. Three of the
captured bandits were hung, while Larken killed Habbs in single combat
while the party cheered on.

Habbs was wearing a Silver Stag pendant, which seemed curious to the divine
casters of the group. A lowly ranger did not need such a powerful and expensive focus.


Wedding Ring Retrieval (At least we aren’t killing sewer rats for our
first quest, though mites are close)
Oleg has offered to give the party 1000 gold in trade script for his
wares if the party finds Svetlana’s stolen wedding ring. The bandits
revealed that it was stolen by some mites that sneaked into the bandit

Bandit Camp Fumigation
Oleg related that the sword lords had put a bounty out on the bandit
camp that Habbs revealed. The party was to capture the female leader
Kessel, and kill or capture at least 6 other bandits. During
interrogation, one bandit revealed that there were 8-16 bandits in the
camp at any given time. It was also revealed that a treasure cache
was hidden under one of the two watch towers.


x9 Leather Armor (90gp)
x8 Short Sword (80gp)
x8 Longbow (One reserved for Verrak) (525gp)
Composite Longbow Str 2 (Given to Troi)
Longsword (15 gp)
x160 arrow (Party Loot)

25gp, Silver Amulet
35gp in pouch
80gp from bandits

x2 Cure Light (Given to Verrak and Larken)
x2 Alchemist Fire (Given to Tal and Torgian)
Shield of Faith +2 (Party Loot)
x2 Vials of Anti-venom (Party Loot)

x9 Horses + Saddle, Bit and Bridle (783gp)
2 days rations

1493 Gold from Oleg if we keep the Silver Stag Pendant
1608 Total


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