The universe is made up of many layers of celestial dimensions and manifest worlds. There are billions of worlds strewn across billions of galaxies that give birth to the ever-present spirit of life.

“The first fruits of the spirit aspiring to express eternity through a fountain of divine wisdom were the creation of the celestial dimensions and the manifest worlds.”

What is the cosmological structure of these celestial dimensions. Long before there were stars with planets to nurture life, there were untold dimensions and the stories of their creations and their inhabitants, those who struggled to manifest the universe so we could dwell in these forms we call bodies.

The Eternal Realm of Mystery beyond the Creative Void is unspeakable, but the Void itself has an essence. The essence of the Void is pure spirit expressed in an alternating current of two streams of consciousness, best expressed as the Creative Thought and Fabric Love of Eternal Being.

When the astro-spiritual universe exploded into being, the realm of archetypes was born, and the primordial elements of the Creative Void were born along with the Modes of Expression in Dimensional Space and Time.

The Dimensions that extend from the Unified Force are:


{Seraphic Interface}

Astral Realm

{Ethereal Interface}

Celestial Realm

{Primordial Interface}

Elemental Realm


Thandoria Brazenwood