A Threat to the West

Or, more reasons to be cross with the Lord of Pitaro

We returned to our kingdom and resumed the day-to-day work of managing it, while upgrading our gear for our next adventure. One evening, Liliana propositioned Hawk and levitated him off to her bedchamber. While they were in bed, a wakizashi struck upward through the bed and through Hawk. Liliana and Hawk proceeded to fight against the would-be assassin, but found that he was invisible. Verrak had been spying on the two of them through the keyhole to the bedchamber and so was first to arrive on the scene. He used his mighty spell-sundering power to defeat the assailants invisibility spell, while Hawk gathered his weaponry. Meanwhile, Tal had felt abnormally drowsy and gone to bed, where he had another dream of an earthquake, giants attacking a city and chasing children, a hypnotic dance that he joined, leading him to a throne with the skeletal corpse of Liliana. He awoke with a feeling of loss and, recognizing the dream as prophetic, set out to find her. At the same time, Larken was drunk down in the dining hall, but his kobold companions attempted to rouse him to battle when they heard the noises coming from Liliana’s wing. The battle fully joined, we quickly subdued the attacker.


  • ring of protection +2 (4,000 gp)
  • cloak of resistance +2 (4,000 gp)
  • +3 padded armor (9,155 gp)
  • +2 defending wakizashi (18,335 gp)
  • 4 doses of wyvern poison (Hawk)

The assailant was a ninja, who we stripped and stone shaped into the floor of our dungeon for questioning. He told us that he was sent by his Lord Baron Harnass Drelev. The Baron had allied with Armag, prophesied by the Black Sisters as the return of the great warlord of the Age of Destiny. When no one else was looking, Larken brutally killed him. Meanwhile, the Beldame contacted us and told us that Loy Resbin of Tazlford had sent us a message, warning of armies of bandits to the west in Hooktongue Slough that were marching on them.

We teleported to Tazlford and went to see Resbin and his wife, Latricia Evanore. They introduced us to Kissandra Newmesty, a road-wearied woman dressed as a soldier and the daughter of Tarion Numesty. Tarion had been the commander of a garrison of Drelev’s, but had discovered his plans to ally with Armag. When Tarion defied his orders to proceed with the alliance, he was jailed and Kissandra’s sister was taken hostage by Armag. Kissandra told us that Drelev had surrendered to the Tiger Lord barbarians and the Lord of Pitaro. His kingdom is now patrolled at night by hill giants. He launched the attack on Tazlford in an attempt to impress the Tiger Lords and Pitaro, as the Lord of Pitaro had demanded three daughters of Drelev’s best warriors as captives until Drelev proved his worth.

Also, the boggards of M’botu have been blocking trade routes. The boggard Garuum told us that he is still angry with the boggard tribe and that he’ll give us a magical bug if we kill the boggard priest king Supoko and bring Garuum his head. Supoko is being controlled by a strange charm cast by a creature to the north, who is presumably using him to control the boggard tribe.

We used what time we could to create fortifications and traps around Tazlford. Later that day, we were attacked by armies of barbarians, trolls, and bandits. We were able to fight off the main forces, but a force of trolls led by a human named Amion managed to breach the walls. Tal subdued the trolls with a dazing fireball, while Larken captured Amion with his roc.


  • 2 fire elemental gems (large) (Tal)
  • +1 chainmail (1,330 gp)
  • 2 +1 shortswords (2,310 gp each)
  • mwk composite shortbow (375 gp)
  • 250 gp
  • potion of cure moderate wounds (party loot)

Costs from crafting stuff:
Liliana: -29,279.5 gp
Verrak: -30,833 gp
Tal: -30,550 gp
Hawk and Larken: estimated -60,900 gp

State of the Party


  • dozens of stone tablets with knowledge about the Shadowvale (10,000 gp to the right buyer)
  • knowledge of the location of Talia‚Äôs wedding gift (worth 300 gp)

Stuff of unknown ownership:

  • +3 greatsword with Zaith’s coat of arms (9167gp)

Stuff to sell when we’re done with it:

  • spellbook with all 0 level spells, fire shield, fireball, acid arrow, glitterdust, mirror image, scorching ray, burning hands, mage armor, magic missile, and shield
  • spell books with: dominate person, waves of fatigue, bestow curse, dimension door, phantasmal killer, dispel magic, displacement, suggestion, tongues, vampiric touch, blindness/deafness, detect thoughts, false life, ghoul touch, resist energy, charm person, chill touch, comprehend languages, grease, mage armor, ray of enfeeblement, shield, and all 0-level wizard spells
  • another copy of all of the above spells and 6 spells of each level from 5th up to 9th (half GM choice, half Tal’s choice)
  • Spell Book with 6 spells of level 1-5 (gm choice) (2475 gp)


  • 934 arrows
  • 220 bolts
  • 120 small darts
  • “Skybolt,” a +2 thundering composite longbow (for plus 4 strength)
  • ritual barbarian dagger

Potions/alchemical items:

  • 3 potions of water breathing
  • 1 potion of shield of faith +2
  • 2 potions of lesser restoration
  • 1 potion of raise dead
  • 2 potions of speak with animals
  • 5 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 1 vial of wyvern poison
  • vial of antitoxin
  • thunderstone
  • 2 smokesticks
  • 2 potions of flight

Wondrous Items:

  • figurine of wondrous power, silver raven (1900 gp)
  • folding boat (another one)
  • 3 dust of illusion
  • 1 feather token, tree
  • elixir of love
  • ointment, restorative (5 uses)
  • type II necklace of fireballs with one 4d6 bead left
  • bag of holding
  • robe of vermin (cursed item)
  • ring of bestial friendship (after 1d4 minutes, the befriended animal goes into a rage and has an urge to attack a nearby town) (made of hair)
  • portable hole (empty)
  • Iridescent Spindle (Ioun Stone) Creature does not need air.
  • Wand of Dimension Door 22/50
  • Wand of Knock 50/50
  • Wand of Find Traps 50/50
  • Wand of Message 50/50
  • Wand of Disguise Self 50/50
  • 5 scrolls of speak with animal
  • scroll Remove Disease
  • scroll Neutralize Poison
  • scroll Cure Blindness/Deafness
  • scroll Remove Curse
  • scroll Tongues


  • lizardfolk hatched from an egg
  • bag of caltrops (previously possessed by Grigore)
  • sketched likeness of the dark fey
  • map with our town and the owlbear’s nest marked on it
  • map from the troll lair, rubbing of the pillar from the troll lair
  • dire boar pelt
  • dragon scale to make x2 small Hide Armor
  • black dragon scales
  • forest drake hide
  • winter wolf pelt
  • lich dust
  • Scales for 2 medium Black dragon armor suits
  • Scales for 1 medium Silver dragon armor suit


  • forest drake head
  • rock troll head
  • double-headed ettin heads
  • wyvern head
  • winter wolf head
  • owlbear head
  • pluda head
  • eel head
  • ahuozautl head
  • Vordakai’s head
  • dinosaur (elasmosaurus) head
  • naga head

The party has 30,420.7 gp



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